Purpose: To offer, monitor and standardized the certification process in the clinical practice of rehabilitation disciplines.


            The Riphah Rehab Certification Board established on August 28, 2017, with the aim to promote the specialized and evidence-based practice and all the discipline of rehabilitation sciences to provide quality health care for the people. Only those techniques and procedures are adopted which are supported by empirical evidence. The certification process will provide the opportunity for those clinicians who want to enhance their clinical skills but have no time to pursue higher qualification. The certifications will distinction the certified clinician from a general clinician.

            The board has developed unique curricula for rehab disciplines which are the intellectual property of the Riphah international University and cannot be reproduced in any form without the permission of the board.


BCMT (Board Certified Manual Therapist)Prof. Dr.Asghar Khan
BCDNT (Board Certified Dry Needling Therapist)Dr.Abdul Ghafoor Sajjad
BCNDT (Board Certified Neuro-diagnostic Therapist)Dr.Imran Amjad
BCWHT (Board Certified Women health Therapist) Dr.Huma Riaz
BCAST (Board Certified Aphasia Speech Therapist)                           Humaira Shamim kiyani
BCSENCo (Board Certified special education needs coordinator) Dr.Ayesha Kamal Butt

Certification procedures:

  1. A candidate with an entry-level degree in the relevant discipline of rehabilitation sciences/ area of certification can be enrolled in the relevant specialty and has to complete the required residency hours as prescribed for different certifications.
  2. The attendance policy of the university will apply to all the certifications programs. In case of short attendance, extra classes will be arranged with additional charges determined by the board.
  3. The exam date and time will be announced by the board and exam will be conducted by the university examination department in the relevant campus.
  4. A candidate has to pass the final written exam with minimum 75% marks to qualify for the oral & practical exam.
  5. A candidate has to pass the oral & practical exam with minimum 75% marks to complete the certification process.
  6. Every candidate will be given total three attempts to pass the written, oral and practical exam with 75% marks with new enrollment fee only for the exam.
  7. In case of failure after 3 attempts, a candidate will be allowed to take admission with new enrollment and complete the whole process as a new candidate.
  8. The certification will be valid for 2 years and will be renewed with 20 contact hour continuing education in the past 2 years from RIPHAH and renewal fee will be determined by the Board.
  9. After completion of all the requirements, a certificate will be issued to the candidate with the seal of the board within two weeks with the signature of chairperson and resource person.
  10. The resource person in relevant specialty will develop a manual for the certification before offering the certification and has to be approved by the board.

Assessment criteria:

  • There will be written and oral practical exam after course completion.
  • Written exam:  MCQs/Structured SEQ’s/ Case Studies 100 marks
  • Oral Practical: OSCE & Viva voice 70+30 Marks
  • The examination will be conducted by a team including two board members and one senior faculty member other than board members as subject specialist.
  • Viva Voice will be conducted by the non-board member (Subject Specialist) examiner and he/she will award marks out of 30.
  • Their certification will be offered 3 times a year and available seats per certification will be 10

DURATION: 03 Month (03 Modules)


FEE STRUCTURE: 40,000/= (10000 per CH plus Enrollment and Examination Fees)

STARTING DATE: March 2018 (Spring 2018)

NO OF SEATS: 15 Each