The Founder

The Founder


Maj. Gen. (R) Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali Khan TI(M), TBt (Late) :

Maj. Gen. (R) Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali Khan TI (M), TBT hardly needs any introduction. He was an internationally renowned Cardiologist and a medical personality of unquestionable integrity with exceptional caliber. He was founding Chairman of the Islamic International Medical College Trust, a not-for-profit educational trust established in 1995. He has to his credit the establishment and smooth running of AFIC / NIHD, Islamic International Medical College Trust, Hearts International Hospital, and Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH). These Institutions are living tribute to his professional capabilities and administrative skills.

Major General Zulfiqar Ali Khan founded Islamic International Medical College Trust in 1995 with a view to establish the state of the art educational institutions with total commitments to Islamic values and to produce graduates who should not only be good doctors, physiologist, psychologists, dentists, chemists, and good educationists but also very good Muslims, human beings and a good citizen. Despite having very meager resources, he managed to pool the best talent of the country and succeeded in forming a team who carried his torch and worked with utmost devotion and dedication for the accomplishment of his mission.

His vision of the trust with day one had not been merely opening educational institutions but a movement for integration of Islamic Values in our various disciplines and in character building of students. He always emphasized that the strength of the IIMCT was not in physical expansion but in its translation of Islamic ethical and moral values in the behavior of its faculty members, students, and administrative staff. He frequently told his colleagues that the younger generation could not be influenced by verbal claims. They could be influenced, guided, inspired, and motivated by men of robust character.

May Almighty Allah bless us with the strength, guidance, and wisdom to promote his mission.

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