Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?
Over the past two decades, a lot has changed. The technology has advanced so far, that it has opened completely new horizons. In terms of business, this means more opportunities and more ways to reach consumers. Online marketing is now a part of our reality, always included in the business plan, as a medium of improving business and realizing goals. Its potential has been proven so many times, that it is slowly taking over, leaving traditional marketing techniques far behind. It is estimated that almost 40% of the world’s population use the internet, and, it is natural to think of the internet as a great place for advertising your business.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals
While every business starting out nowadays will first create a website, optimize it and then head to social media to establish a presence there, not everyone will consider affiliate marketing as an opportunity at first. The objective of this module will be to show you the real potential of affiliate marketing and how developing a strategy of your own can help your profits soar and your business grow.

Blogging: Blogging Fundamentals
What once began as a platform for sharing personal thoughts in online form has now grown into one of the essential and the most effective tools marketers use for online promotion. The way blogging has evolved over the past decade has blown everyone’s mind. During the last couple of years, we have been witnessing thousands of blogs around the globe, both businesses, and personal, turning into very profitable activities. It’s safe to say, that blogging has become “big
Content Marketing: Content Marketing Fundamentals:
Content marketing is a type of marketing focused on creation and distribution of online materials that directly or indirectly promote a brand. Direct promotion refers to the creation of promotional materials and content used for advertising purposes. This type of content is usually used in paid ads (SEM) or affiliate links (affiliate marketing). On the other hand, content marketing is frequently void of any direct promotion. The purpose of this kind of content is simply to increase interest in your products or services. This way, content marketing indirectly attracts and acquires leads and customers.
E-Commerce: E-Commerce Fundamentals:
The term e-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It is usually abbreviated as e-commerce, but it is sometimes used as ecommerce, eCommerce or simply as EC. The terms e-business or e-tailing are sometimes used as synonyms. The term e-commerce is gradually taking its place as a part of e- commerce that is focused on transactions via mobile devices. E-Mail Marketing: E-Mail Marketing Fundamentals Email marketing is a part of online marketing focused on communicating and establishing the connection with online users through emails. Regardless if the goal is promotional or informative, regardless if you send weekly or monthly, the core of email marketing is still communication with
the recipient. The purpose of this communication is to nurture the relationship with the existing or potential customers, and to encourage an action which is the goal of an email marketing campaign.

Online Marketing: Online Marketing Fundamentals
In a world where every business must fight for a share of the customers’ attention, marketing plays a huge role in boosting the number and interest of a company’s clientele. With the gradual increase in the number of small and large businesses that have sprung up in the last two decades, domestic and international markets have become saturated with suppliers, manufacturers and intermediaries, all striving to be the first ones to make it to the end of the chain.

Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals
Search engine optimization increases so called organic reach. This means that working on search engine optimization you try to increase the number of users who will find your website "naturally", through the search engine. The main goal with search engine optimization is to use a set of strategies and tools, while following the best practices and recommendations, in the purpose of improving the position of the website in relation to specific keywords or keyword phrases. It is essential for these keywords to be related to your business, so the selection of keywords is one of the first tasks in the process of search engine optimization. In this case, your goal is to increase the position of your website in the search results, which is based on the keywords you suppose the users would search for.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing Fundamentals
Social media marketing is to present a business through social media and to use this to communicate a message to the potential consumers. While the main goal is about promotion, the companies, as well as individuals can find a lot of other benefits from social media marketing.
Introduction to Web Analytics
web analytics means the analysis of the relationship between a website and the users of that website. However, in the field of web consultancy and e-commerce, web analytics has a field/industry specific meaning, which we will be covering in this section. This course is going to help you understand the language of internet activity, and how to use different techniques, to improve your website’s performance and thus your business. Although web analytics is technical area, we will explore different aspect of this topic to establish its importance in the modern business world.


Study Level Study Mode Course Length Credit hours Intake Class Timing 1st semester Fee
Post Graduate Diploma Full time / Distance learning 1 Year(2 Semester 18 Fall & Spring Weekend Evening  Rs/-68,655/- (9 Cr.Hurs)


Eligibility Seats Selection criteria Scholarship Offered at Start Date Application Deadline
16 years of education 25

Academic: 70

Interview: 30

N/A Almizan Campus Rawalpindi September & February Application Online