MS.c Applied Psychology

Program Overview

The study of Psychology has a host of applicable uses. Those who dedicate themselves to the study of this discipline will find that they are able to apply their understanding of human behavior to numerous situations and use their knowledge in their everyday life.

Other Benefits of Studying Psychology are as follows:

a)        Improved Communication Skills

Psychologists have explored how humans engage in communication. You can now learn to better your personal communication skills and increase the effectiveness of your communication efforts. A study of Psychology also makes it possible for you to avoid potential pitfalls that can lead to a costly communication breakdown.

b)        Better Understanding of Self

Psychology can help you understand how and why you feel as you do. You can see that you are not alone in your emotions or ideas, even when it may seem that you are. Additionally, an understanding of psychological principles can help you determine what you can do to respond to unwanted emotions and alleviate painful or undesirable emotional situations.

c)         Enhanced Understanding of Others

The study of psychology gives students a window into the actions of others as well. Understanding the emotional drives behind human actions can make it easier to comprehend seemingly incomprehensible actions. It can also help you improve your ability to assist others in dealing with emotional hardship or empathize with those struggling with a difficult dilemma

d)        Stronger Conflict Resolution Skills

By learning about the reasons behind people’s actions in psychology you can become more adept at solving conflicts. When you understand how a person is likely to respond to a situation, and the emotional processes that lead to that response, you can more effectively predict how a situation will transpire. You will speak to an individual with whom you are having a conflict in a level-headed and logical manner.

e)        Good Career Prospects

Studying psychology has financial benefits as well. Those who study psychology prepare themselves for many jobs both within the mental health industry and in business and educational settings. Students easily apply skills learned in psychology class to business or social situations, making them an asset in almost any line of work.

Riphah, fully recognizing the importance of this subject, is introducing MSc Applied Psychology to further its mission of producing trained human resource, specifically, female workforce to uplift the economic and social status of women in Pakistan. The study of this subject will also enhance the capability of students to adjust into new cultural dimensions being introduced by media and other social factors.

Masters in Applied Psychology will offer basic compulsory subjects, and high tech laboratory training. The Optional subjects such as military psychology, post disaster management, psychological interventions and health psychology which will not only train human resource in latest applications of this subject, but RIPHAH will stand out as the only institution in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to offer these options to be taught. RIPHAH also plans to introduce Advance Diploma in clinical psychology later, to prepare quality clinical psychologists.


Study Level Study Mode Program Length Credit Hours Intake Class Timings 1st Semester Fee
Post Graduate Full Time 2 Years (4 Semesters) 70 Fall & Spring   08:00 am to 04:00 pm (Mon to Fri) Rs. 81,923/-


Eligibility Seats Selection Criteria Scholarships Offered at Start Date Application
14 years education with 45% marks 20

Test & Interview

Need & Merit-Based Scholarships

up to 100%

 Al Maizan Campus,Rawalpindi


Fall (September)

Spring (February)

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