Master of Science in Women Health Physical Therapy (MS – WHPT)


Rationale of program:

Physical therapy can be very effective in treating many women’s health issues that occur as their bodies change, whether as a result of childbirth, surgery, or simply the effects of time. A physical therapist specializing in women’s health will utilize every facet of their PT training to evaluate and treat female clients, promoting and enhancing their health throughout their life span. Although musculoskeletal physical therapists deal with maternal musculoskeletal disorders and
dysfunctions but obstetric population needs delicate and specialized care with respect to changes in posture that often accompany pregnancy along with upper and low back pain. This programme will offer the physical therapist with a range of opportunities to develop advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills relevant to their role in Women’s Health the chance to extend and enhance their clinical practice and career pathway.

Need of program:
According to WHO 2018, serious women health issues have been reported specifically in pregnancy and childcare in middle and low income countries including Pakistan. Maternal complications can be reduced by providing quality health care including physical therapy. Planning an evaluation and designing treatment protocols for obstetric clients needs expertise as many restrictions apply to it. These restrictions inhibit application of standard physical therapy
assessment and management procedures, as it must need accommodation. The area of women health physical therapy is advancing worldwide but the concept is somewhat new in Pakistan. No specialized program is offered for professional physical therapists to learn and excel in this specialized area. This program will provide more in depth view of this specialty.

Goals of the Program:
There are many under graduate physical therapy programs and few master programs, but not a single specialized program in women health physical therapy is being offered in the country according to international standards, so the MS-WHPT will be the first specialized program which is a dire need in the country that will produce specialized women health physical
therapists. The goals of MS WHPT program are to foster students' development of competence as:

1. Clinical practitioners, to provide quality maternal care in the assessment and management of Antenatal, Intra- natal & Post natal period of normal and abnormal pregnancy
2. Researchers and scholars, to contribute effectively in existing body of knowledge of women health physical therapy. Identify researchable problems, advocate and participate in research, and incorporate research findings into clinical practice.
3. Professional who demonstrate their multicultural sensitivity, awareness, knowledge, and competence in their training and professional work.
4. Educator who provide broad and general training in the field of women health physical therapy while also fostering students' professional development and identity as WHPT.
5. Clinical leadership and management in order to implement change and provide evidence- based practice
6. Counselor who provide advice for Reproductive & Child Health, medico legal aspects in Obstetrics & Gynecology , Family Welfare & Reproductive tract infections.
7. Collaborator who function as a productive member of a team engaged in health care, research & education.

Detail description of Master of Science in Women health Physical Therapy (MS-WHPT)

Program Name: Master of Science in Women Health Physical Therapy (MS-WHPT)
Duration           : 2 years, full time, 32 Credit Hours course work + 5 Credit Hours Residency +6 Credit Research Thesis

Level Post Graduate


  1. Doctor of physical Therapy (DPT-5 years from any HEC Recognized University or equivalent qualification.
  2. NTS test GAT-GERNAL 50% /University test-60 % score

Course Semester Based (4-Semesters) duration (18-weeks each)
Credit Hours 42- credit Hours


Study Level Study Mode Course Length Home International Fee Start Date Application Deadline
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Study Level Study Mode Course Length Home International Fee Start Date Application Deadline
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