Degree in Engineering at NCUK

Engineering at NCUK

Science & Engineering addresses current and future challenges. Engineering is about designing processes and making products to solve real-world problems. Our course enables you to develop your engineering knowledge, skills, imagination and experience to the highest levels in readiness for your future career. Our degree courses are accredited by a professional body; this strengthens links with our industrial partners and ensures that your study is appropriate and relevant to the market place.

After International Foundation Year-NCUK Engineering students are able to access 1200 innovative Engineering programs.

After International Diploma Year-NCUK Engineering students are able to access innovative Engineering programs. Electrical and electronic engineering is a continuously evolving subject. As technology advances so have the challenges facing modern engineers. We see educating the next generation of engineers as a key role, and NCUK students graduates from UK Universities are highly valued by industry and commerce around the world. 

Our undergraduate and master’s degrees progression in Engineering are aligned to UK University research strengths, and we are proud of the depth of analytical treatment and the specialized optional subjects we offer within our degree programs.

Program Structure

Entry Requirements

Typical offers require

A Level           :                     C,C,D

AS Level         :                     C,C,D,D

FA/FSc            :                    Marks >55%

ICS/DAE        :                      Marks Equivalence >55%

Note : PEC requires at least 60% marks for all engineering eligibility in Pakistani (local) Universities..Click for details

Students with English as Second Language in AS Levels or FSc/DAE will be required to take NCUK English Password Test before Admission is confirmed.


Program Structure

Engineering Course Outline

Teaching is provided through a mixture of lectures, lab, course work and supervisions, and in Foundation Year you can typically expect around 16 hours of teaching each week.

If you enter NCUK Engineering stream then your 1st YEAR course details will be as follows;

NCUK Year 1 (International Foundation Year) Modules

Syllabus of International Foundation Year (Entry Year of UK Undergraduate Progression)

English for Academic Study (EAP) or IELTS preparation
Future Mathematics

Click here 1200 Engineering programs after IFY     Engineering.pdf

NCUK Year 2 (International Diploma Year) Modules

Syllabus of International Diploma Year (Year 1 of UK Undergraduate progression) 

Circuit Principles 1                                          Electronic Design
Circuit Principles 2                                          Mechatronics
Mathematics 1                                                Digital System Design
Mathematics 2                                                Electromagnetic Fields

Click Below  Engineering programs after IDY         ElectronicEngineering.pdf