B.Sc Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering is broadly defined as the application of Engineering and Technology in the field of medicine and surgery. Bio-medical Engineering is not an emerging field anymore. It has planted its feet concretely and helped the medical healthcare system made advancements since 1900s. Biomedical engineering has brought together the knowledge of diverse fields with a focus of applications in medical sciences. It abetted the healthcare professionals from looking inside the patient’s body to rehabilitate the paralyzed ones.

RIPHAH International University is among the pioneer for introducing the exciting program of B.Sc in Biomedical engineering in 1998. Since then, the department of Biomedical engineering has produced top quality graduates who are not only working in the country’s leading organizations but also earned name for the country by contributing in the relevant fields exceptionally well in foreign countries.

The future prospect of Biomedical engineering is very bright. The exponential increase in population will need more hospitals and enhancement of existing healthcare facilities. We will need biomedical engineers to work in hospitals to manage and maintain biomedical equipment. Many more Biomedical professionals would be in demand to design and develop smart instruments. Companies would be requiring engineers to introduce their instruments to the end users in order to compete with other manufacturers. Universities would need to recruit experts to offer Biomedical engineering programs and meet the market demand by producing more Biomedical engineers.

Biomedical engineering is the field to choose not only to secure your future but to serve mankind by contributing in providing the best possible healthcare facilities.

Career Opportunities for Biomedical Engineers:

A biomedical engineer carries out various functions within the biomedical engineering industry and other institutions such as hospitals, healthcare organizations and teaching institutions.

They design the sleek computer systems which help to monitor patients during the different stages of the hospital care. Moreover, they also build the systems to monitor the health aspects of the healthy persons.

They design and build the complex sensors to measure blood chemistry, such as sodium and pH.

They design the instruments and devices for the therapeutic uses for example the device for the eye surgery.

They make strategies for the clinical decision making based on the data obtained through artificial intelligence.

They design clinical laboratories and automate different units within the hospitals and other health care delivery systems using the advanced engineering technologies.

They design, build and investigate the medical imaging systems based on X-rays (Computer Assisted Tomography), Magnetic Fields (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Ultrasound or newer modalities.

They develop and implement the mathematical models of physiological systems, for example they design and construct bio materials and find out the mechanical, transport and biocompatibility properties of implantable materials.

They investigate the Bio – Mechanics of injury and wound healing.

Scope and Job Prospects:

Healthcare equipment manufacturing industry.

Healthcare equipment repair and maintenance.

Installation, repair and maintenance in Hospitals.

Research and development in Biomedical Engineering.

Evaluate the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of biomedical equipment.

Train clinicians & other personal on the proper use of equipment.

Work with life scientist, chemists & medical scientist to research the engineering aspect of biological systems of human & animals.


Study Level Study Mode Program Length Credit Hours Intake Class Timings 1st Semester Fee
Undergraduate Full Time 4 Years (8 Semesters) 138 Fall Semesters Weekdays Morning Rs. 146,843


Eligibility Seats Selection Criteria Scholarships Offered at Start Date Application
FSc Pre-Medical with 60% Marks or F.Sc Pre-Engineering with 60% marks 50

Academic Qualification: 60%
Test/Interview: 40%

Need & Merit Based upto 100%

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