Student Societies

Student Societies


Student’s societies are established as per policy. Each society conducts the following activities regularly;

  • Monthly Discussion Forum (members participated in this activity to discuss local / national / international issues. This activity is designed to engage students in healthy discussion)
  • Mega Event: Each Society organizes at least one mega event in a semester.
  • Social Work Event: Each society organizes one social work activity outside the campus.


Following societies are registered; University Level:

Riphah Society of Excellence –RSE

Vice Chancellor is Patron in Chief of RSE and society in consultation with SSD announced its activities. This society is established to organize the activities to full fill the Riphah Mission Statement outside the class rooms. RSE is university level society and operating in all faculties organizing sports, lecture, trainings, study tours, debates, blood donation and professional programs.

Faculty Level:

All societies will work under the umbrella of RSE, RSE will develop the leadership skills of these societies


  • IISSWA (Social Welfare activities)
  • Peace fort (Islamic Society)
  • Sports Society (Sports activities)
  • Literary & Debate Society (promoting healthy debate culture)
  • Art & Craft Society (Development of creative talent)
  • Scientific Society (Research on Advance Medical Science)


  • Literary & Debate Society (promoting healthy debate culture)
  • Adventure Club (Recreational Tours)


  • Engineering Society (Research on Professional Engineering)
  • Debate Society (promoting healthy debate culture)


  • Social and Cultural society (Development of creative talent)
  • Sports and recreation society (Sports activities)
  • Literary society (promoting healthy literacy culture)
  • Thinkers Club (Discussion forum)
  • Riphah Al-Falah Society (Social Welfare Activities)


(Girls only)

  • Riphah Society of Excellence (Official)
  • Riphah Social Welfare & Blood Donor Society (Social Welfare Activities)
  • Riphah Debating, art & Craft Society (promoting cultural activities)
  • Riphah Sports & Recreation Society (Sports activities)