Bachelor in Computer Arts

Bachelor in Computer Arts

In the twenty first century, where gig economy constitutes a major portion in the world economy, Pakistan has its fair share by standing at the fourth position as per Online Labor Index. Besides software development and technology, creativity and multimedia has 1/3rd portion in terms of online jobs. To garner a work force for this sector, it is vital that the foundations of arts be built along with the latest computer graphic technologies. The need to inculcate the aesthetic sense in terms of art as well as the computations technologies for its production and reception is the core of the Bachelors of Computer Arts program. This program will fulfill the needs of the present highly digitized era by producing high-quality computer artists equipped with digital technological skills required for branding, printing, packaging and publishing Medias. 


  1. To improve and encourage creative abilities and instincts of students through combination of arts and design using computer-based graphic tools.
  2. To prepare a workforce to meet computer-based graphic art requirements of various national and international industries (for example advertising, media production, gaming, education, etc.)
  3. To instill lifelong learning skills in the area of computer arts.
  4. To prepare students for post graduate studies in the field of computer arts.
  5. To prepare the students for the freelancing market in the field of computer arts. 
  6. To prepare students for their professional careers in light of Islamic ethical values as envisaged in the university’s mission statement

Expected Learning Outcomes

         At the successful completion of the Bachelor in Computer Arts program, the students are expected to demonstrate the followings:

  1. An ability to demonstrate the creative and aesthetic skills through their projects.
  2. An ability to apply acquired aesthetic and creative skills in varying industries (for example advertising, media production, gaming, education, etc.)
  3.  An ability to capture the freelancing market in the field of computing arts as well as to work as part of growing teams in varying professional roles.
  4. Ability to complete the lifecycle from concept development through design, implementation, execution and marketing of Products.

        Demonstrated project management and entrepreneurial skills through implemented course projects.

Note:Only females can apply in this course


Study Level Total Seats Course Length Credit hours Intake Class Timings 1st semester Fee



30. 4 years 132

Spring & Fall 

(Females Only)

week days Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm  Rs-65,450


Eligibility Criteria Selection Criteria Scholarship Offered at Start Date Apply Online Application Deadline
45% marks in internediate

Academic Qualification:60%


Need & Merit Based upto 100%. Sector I-14 Campus , Near Hajj Complex Islamabad September & Febuary